First Act:
Circus Divas

Do not try to get me excited with tanned bimbos modeling lingerie
with these faked poses!

Do not try to entice me with cheerleaders, strippers or real or precast schoolgirls that intend to blend innocence and perversion with those ridiculous uniforms! Stop boring me with that false porn star moaning!

I want to see circus artists!

Circus artists! nature wonders capable to perform feats that common mortals can't even think of! Wonderful beings capable of defeating pain and facing death with a smile in their face, dressed in tiny sequin suits that show their perfect body shaped through years of tough discipline! Human beings capable of risking everything to exceed their own limits in a drive to astonish their spectators!

Second Act:
Beautifully Awful... Awfully Beautiful

Is the image of a female body beautiful?... Sure thing!

Is that image still beautiful when that female body is under an awful situation? let's say punctured by swords, wrapped by repugnant and poisonous animals or just about to fall into the void to find a sure death...

An endless debate... I'd say that the image is even more beautiful because in addition to the physical beauty, it represents the strength of human will, capable to face any challenge; someone could say that is simply disgusting and revolting, others could object saying that it is denigrating for women to be shown like that, like a plain object; there may be those who make the sign of the cross saying that these are devil's things... but undoubtedly, this image becomes something impossible to ignore because it adds two vital elements that call our attention: beauty fascination and unhealthy attraction towards the grotesque.

Third Act:
The Wonders of Modern Times

For years, my attraction towards Circus Divas had been just a private hobby, a very personal entertaining for leisure times resulting from my professional work as an illustrator, cultural promoter and production designer of animated films. Up to 2006, more than 25 years since I started drawing circus girls, I had only shown few people a brief part of this work in certain comics' conventions; but then I got to know technology.

The wonderful Photoshop and Poser software now allow me to create realistic images that I had seen before only in my mind, digital cameras offer me a wide range of poses I could have never dreamed of before; and thanks to Internet, I have immersed deeply in the world of the circus, a world that I had known very superficially in the past through old media like TV, where we only see what the owners want us to see and at the time they want us to see it.

This way, I have been shaping this project: "Circus Divas"

Since three years ago, the culmination of 30 years of obsession for circus artists, where through short stories (made up by me, but not less likely to be true) the public will be able to roam through the entire story, way of thinking and evolution of circus' women, from medieval European public square high-wire performers up to "pain goddesses" that show their skills via Internet.

Therefore, I am proud to welcome you to my obsession for circus artists!... I hope you enjoy this show, and, as a magician would, I challenge you to discern the real of the fantastic in these images that I am sharing gladly with you all.

Ostos Sabugal

Circus freak
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