Carlos Ostos Sabugal

He was born on November 20th, 1970 in the biggest and most chaotic city in the world. A life-long passionate lover of the sequential Art, he is proud to be able to tell stories through images. In 1993, after having recently graduated from the National School of Graphic Arts, he created "La Caneca Cómicx", a legendary editorial house that was one of the birth mainstays of the independent comic in Mexico.   Tired of the exhausting labor of indy publication, he gets away from the comic circle to navigate in various artistic spheres like, illustration, sculpture, organization of cultural events and, more recently, into the artistic direction and production design of animated motion pictures; but, ever-obsessed with the beautiful women that risk their lives in the circus ring, he compulsively carries out illustrations like a homage to those wonderful Divas, an obsession that has resulted in the work that you can see in this site.

Be Witness of the evolution of this obsession for the Brave and Beautiful Circus Divas since 1980, and forgive the very poor quality of this work! after all, the first works was made by a 10 years old boy!

Carlos Ostos Sabugal Pic
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