Ladies And Gentlemen! Boys And Girls! Introducing, Defying Death...


The announcer begs the public to be quiet, nobody dares to blink because of the deed they are about to witness... the roll of drums accelerates their heartbeats... the artist breaths deeply and prepares to face her fate relying on her ability and strenuous training... what is going through the mind of this beautiful woman seconds before starting her act? Well aware that the slightest mistake would make the difference between an applause or her funeral.

Be that as it may, even in this extremely decisive moment of her existence she takes time to smile and to keep that flirtatious posture of her almost naked sculptural body.

Eros and Thanathos... Eroticism and death... An essential duality essential for any circus to exist.

The first part is understandable: after all, who would like to lose the opportunity to see beautiful naked bodies performing, without any clothes standing in their way? ...that is why circus artists have always been allowed to act with the least possible garments, even throughout the most repressive times.

The second part is easier to understand: what makes us wish to see this beautiful figure in fatal danger? ...People say that the circus, besides joy and innocence, is a demonstration of the human willpower capable to control fire, wild beasts, and even the law of gravity or perhaps their own body, forcing it to perform an almost impossible deed... Fine... but with appropriate safety measures, an artist may show perfectly all these skills without running any risks. However, the higher risk, the more liked the act.

My God! Why are we so morbid?

Anyway, here you will learn about the most relevant circus disciplines, those that have placed artists face to face with death:

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Venerable public: the acts we are presenting next are performed by profesionales arduously trained. under no circumstance try this at home... or in any other place
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