Barnum's American Museum, Part II

In Barnum's American Museum had shows where main stars were freaks, the crowd was horrified to see these bizarre atrocities.
The doors of this place were closed in 1865 after 24 years of success.

Barnum's American Museum with Chang and Eng, James Coffey and Zip

Chang and Eng Biography

(1811-1874) - The two brothers were born in Siam (currently Thailand) and were joined by their breastbone. Their fame was so great that joined-twins are nowadays referred to as "Siamese Twins". In 1829, their started their career when an English merchant took them around the world as fair attractions. Later on, they established their own business; with their incredible earnings bought a farm in North Carolina and got marry with two sisters. Chang had 10 children and Eng had 12. When Chang died, Eng refused to be separated surgically from
his brother and died a few hours later.

James Coffey Biography

(1852-1907) - James was born in Ohio and worked as a barber. He got married and had seven offspring. His life was pretty normal until suddenly and with no explanation whatsoever he started losing weight… He lost 100 pounds in three years! Once, walking in Chicago by the Freaks museum James decided to leave his job as a barber to exhibit his extremely skinny body to make a living and started his successful
career as a freak "The skeleton dude".

Zip Biography

William Henry Johnson was born in New Jersey. He was the son of a poor African-American family. When the owner of the circus Van Emburgh saw the abnormally small size of his head he paid his parents to show William as the "missing link." His increasing fame called the attention of Barnum, who in no time was presenting William in his show wearing a furry coverall with his head entirely shaved except for a tuft of hair that highlighted his pinhead. His artistic name was "Zip, the What-is-it?" Zip's career has been the longest and most successful career among freaks. He performed
during 67 years!

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