Believe It Or Not

This legendary phrase has been used for nearly a century to show people the strangest and bizarre freaks in the world. This huge emporium of strange things and people was created by a man called Robert L. Ripley that started with some simple drawings of sport curiosities and has become a synonym of the amazing, whether watched on TV or live in any of his 33 odditoriums around the world.

Believe It Or Not, Robert L. Ripley
Believe It Or Not, The Great Omi

Robert L. Ripley Biography

(1894-1949) - Ripley was born in California and when he was 15 years old started working as a sports drawer. When in 1918 he decided to include some very uncommon deeds his comic strip became so successful that he soon forgot sports to present all kind of rareness. Ripley"s fame grew so much that hundreds of thousands of people sent him letters to let him know about their special skills hoping to appear in the popular comic strip. In 1930, his radio show was broadcasted; in 1933 in the World Fair of Chicago, he inaugurated his first Odditorium and
in 1948 he became a TV pioneer.

"The Great Omi" Biography

(1892-1969) - Horace Ridler was born in London. He was the son of a wealthy family and was drafted into the military service to participate in the first world war however when he came back to England after the death of his father, Horace squandered his inheritance and decided that the best way to make a living would be to become a Sideshow attraction then he tattooed his entire body and adopted the appearance of a human zebra; he also had several piercings done in his nose and ears and sharpened his teeth. In 1939 he travelled to the United States, where he was a sensation and became one of the most
famous freaks in Ripley"s Odditorium
in New York.

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