Comedy of Art

In the XVI in Italy, a new type of show appeared to compete with the solemn and rigid way the theatre had been performed until then; this new way
of theatrical expression that presented funny plays in public squares outdoors, was based on the ability of actors to
improvise and attract the attention of the public with some acrobatic acts.

Pierrot, Colombina and Harlequin

Pierrot Biography

Called Pedrolino at first, this was a witty servant that tried to take advantage of others all the time, however, this character changed with time and lost his hussy features becoming a melancholic and romantic creature
in love with the moon and his
impossible love: Colombina

Colombina Biography

She was a beautiful, coquette, naughty servant, not very maidenly; all the characters of the Comedy of Art wanted to win her heart. Although she rejected cleverly the love of wealthy Pantaleon and the swaggering Capitano, her heart struggled between the languid and romantic Pierrot and the rascally
and passionate Harlequin.

Harlequin Biography

Rascally, deceitful character, always hungry because of his chronic poverty, used to wear a multicolor garment made with rags from different clothes and a black pug nosed mask with feline traits; complementing his attire with a foxy tail and a club. The way he spoke
denoted his origin in the slums of
the City of Bergamo.

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