La Belle Epoque, Part II

At these years there a great interest about occult, macabre, grisly and terrifying topics like spiritualism, necromancy, witchcraft or satanism.
Emerges the important figure of the frenchman George Melies whose creations still astound the world.

George Melies
Spiritism at La Belle Epoque


By the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX, many mediums and spiritualists performed their sessions in the same way and at the same places where magicians performed their shows, and charged people to see their performances. Many times they used the same tricks used by magicians to levitate objects or play musical instruments without touching them or even to appear "ghosts" on stage, convincing their audience that dead people were really present in their sessions.

George Melies Biography

(1861-1938) - Great frenchman magician, zombie creator, painter and drawer. In 1888, the golden times of magic, George bought the famous Houdini Theater where he presented memorable illusions. In 1897 he joined the furor emerged by the recently invented cinematograph and started making movies applying his knowledge on magic and scenic arts and became the creator of special effects in the movie industry. His most famous movie is "Trip to the Moon".

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