La Belle Epoque, Part III

This historical period ends at the beginning of the First World War. Its name reflects the nostalgic vision that used to glamorize
Europe before 1914 as a devastated paradise after the cruel conflict.

Emperor Franz Joseph, Sofia Chotek and Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Emperor Franz Joseph Biography

(1830-1916) - He was born in Vienna and for 68 years was the governor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, one of the greatest European powers. His reign, which was one of the longest in history, started in 1848 amidst the Austrian revolution and ended in the midst of the
First World War.

Sofia Chotek Biography

(1868-1914) - Sofia was born in Stuttgard in a noble Bohemian family. In 1888 she met Archduke Franz Ferdinand in a ball in Prague and they started a secret affair until 1899 when they got married in spite of the opposition of the family of the archduke that considered her unworthy of the heir to the throne of the
Austro-Hungarian Empire. The murder
of this couple in an attack in Sarajevo
triggered the First World War.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Biography

(1863-1914) - Franz was born in Graz, Austria and was the nephew of Emperor Franz Joseph and main heir to the throne, however he was not welcome by nobility because he got married with Sofía Chotek, a low rank aristocrat. His murder in Sarajevo by a Serbian extremist was
one of the excuses that triggered
the First World War.

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