Nazis !

What do these dark characters have to do with the history of the circus? Not much, besides having banned these freak-shows everywhere
they invaded, stating that the presentation of these deformed and/or strange beings so different from the ideal
"superior race" was a harmful example for the Aryan people.

Nazis: Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Goebbels

Heinrich Himmler Biography

(1900-1945) - Heinrich was the Commander in Chief of the SS, the elite force of the Nazi regime that became popular for their brutal actions in the countries invaded. He gave the order for the methodical and systematic execution of
millions of Jews, Polish, Gypsies, homosexuals, communists and mentally ill, many of
which were used in experiments.

Joseph Goebbels Biography

(1897-1945) - He was the propaganda minister of the Nazi Germany, and a close friend of Hitler. He was very skillful to manipulate the mind of people massively to meet the goals of Nazism. After Germany was defeated in the Second World War, he committed suicide with his wife,
after she had killed their six kids.

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