Sideshow, Part II

Into the sideshow tent the crowd can see too animals with spectacular deformities, these were mostly crappy fakes.
However those strange creatures stunned and scared to the naive people.

Sideshow with Jenny Hanniver, Jackalope and Furry Trout

"Jenny Hanniver" Biography

Since centuries ago, these funny creatures have been seen in some European ports, sold as remains of mermaids, angels, demons, or more recently, extraterrestrials, and that are elaborated with the body of a raya cut and tied in such way that when dried, acquire a strange and disturbing humanoid appearance. Its fins and tail are cut to look like legs and arms (or wings) and its neck is tied and twisted backwards for its gills to look like diabolic eyes. Its name seems to come from the phrase "Jeune d'Anvers" (youngster from Antwerp), port where
many of these creatures were sold.

"Jackalope" Biography

This funny mythological animal is supposedly a breed between a hare and an antelope and is one of the most popular creatures of the North American folklore, especially in the state of Wyoming, where the sale of dissected hares with antelope horns is a booming business and there is even an official hunting day for Jackalope on June 31! No one really knows the origin of the legend but it could have been a viral infection that affects hares that grow tumors in their heads, which with great imagination
may look like horns.

"Furry Trout" Biography

The first Western hunters of the big lakes used to say that these regions were so cold that even trout had a thick fur. Another even more absurd explanation was that settlers used to wash their head in the rivers using tonic to help their hair grow! Apparently the legend comes from a class of fungi which growth among the scales of the trout resembles vaguely a furry skin. False items made with a dissected trout with rabbit skin are a very common ornament in the pubs of the
region and a typical Sideshow attraction.

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