Wild West Show

This type of wandering shows presented acts with horsemen and shooters like a heroic and idyllic version of the Wild West, territory that for most inhabitants of the Eastern part of the United States and Europe was a mythical and wild place. The best and most famous
Wilde West show was created by the notorious Buffalo Bill in 1883 and ended in 1913.

Wild West Show with Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley

Buffalo Bill Biography

(1845-1917) - William Frederick Cody was born in Iowa. When he was fourteen he left his home to try his fortune as a gold digger. On the way he was hired as a horseman to work for the post-office "Pony Express". During the Civil War he was drafted with the armed forces of the Union and when the war was over he continued working for the army as an explorer. Afterwards he became a buffalo hunter to provide beef to the builders of the railroad. William became the owner of a hotel in Wyoming, and in 1883 he established his famous show "Buffalo Bill's Wild West," and travelled around the United States and Europe with great success for nearly 20 years.

Annie Oakley Biography

Annie was born in Ohio and liked hunting since a very short age because her family was devoted to the sale of meat. When she was fifteen years old, she defeated the famous shooter Frank Buttler, who bet $100 to anyone who could beat him in a shooting competition. Annie did not fail any of her 25 shoots and Buttler failed one. Annie and Frank got married in 1876 and together they participated in several shows throughout the United States. In 1885 they became part of the "Buffalo Bill"s Wild West" show, where they
were the main attraction for 17 years.

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